Menstruation: Love or Hate?

Each of us women has that special time of the month when she is menstruating. Most of us have been brought up fearing or hating our periods. And that’s true, it is rather difficult to be happy about your period if you look at it strictly from the physiological point of view. All those cramps, headaches, nausea, hunger, lack of energy, and other common symptoms of PMS are not the most pleasant things in the world.

Unfortunately, that is how women view their menstruation – as an ailment that makes them weak. Most women really hate their period. For some, it is a reason to hate their bodies. Some women hate their menstrual cycle so much, they even start wishing they were born men, not women.

That’s what I thought before I started digging deeper into the essence of women and our spirituality. I must say that it was rather an unexpected journey for me. I have always been fascinated by legends and mythology and have always found solace in nature. I have never been religious, but paganism has always been very attractive for me.

My journey to recognizing a Woman within started when I was reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. When I started reading, it was just another mythology-based fantasy book for me. I used to devour those during that time of my life. However, in the process of reading, it turned out to be so much more than just another book from my shelf.

Thanks to it, I have discovered the concept of Divine Woman in each of us. This compelling story, full of wisdom and mystery, helped me to understand that I have a purpose in this world and that I am not alone. Each of us is a member of the worldwide community of women. Even if you feel lonely, it is not so. Each of us is supported by Our Great Mother, the Goddess. If you are feeling lonely nonetheless, try meditating at the Moon. It can show you the secrets you have never imagined.

After all, we are connected to the Moon. This connection can be seen in our menstrual cycle. The Moon is a source of women’s power and mystery. At the same time, it affects us a lot, much more than men. That is why women are so susceptible to the changes of the Moon phases.

Women are just like the Moon. We have similar phases, each month and throughout all our life. Just like the moon, our energy waxes and wanes, reaching its maximum during ovulation and falling to its minimum during menstruation. Each woman should understand that our period is an inseparable part of our feminine nature. After all, our menstrual cycle gives us the ability to give birth, to create new life. Does not that ability make each of us divine?

When you have accepted the true nature of your period, it will be much easier to endure all those unpleasant symptoms of PMS. They may even disappear completely when you accept them as your friends, not foes, and stop hating them. After all, menstruation is not that terrible, especially with all the modern stuff like menstruation cups and the best period pants.

I have some advice on what every woman should do during her period to feel better:

  • Rest as much as you can. Your body is doing a great job cleansing. Rest is a good way to avoid weakness and nausea. Meditating to the sounds of nature with an incense burning is a nice way to relax. Besides, some essential oils – clary sage, cypress, and lavender – can ease the symptoms of PMS.
  • Food is another thing that can help you feel better. The right sort of food, of course. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best choice, as they fill our bodies with the energy of the Sun. Some honey will be a healthy alternative for those who have sweet cravings. Try avoiding fish, meat and other food that comes from suffering and murder, not just during your period, but in your everyday life, too. This food has nothing good to offer, neither for your body nor for your soul.
  • Try doing the things you love. Your energy levels are down at the moment, that is why you might feel lonely and unhappy. Doing things that make you happy is the best way to finding emotional balance. Reading, knitting, and cross-stitching always do the trick for me. Especially, when I go to a nearby forest and spend the day fully absorbed by crafts, reading, and admiring nature.